Eye-35 also sells a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses so that even when you aren’t wearing your eyeglasses, your eyes can be protected.

Protecting your eyes outside is more important than you may think.

Here are a few reasons why wearing sunglasses outside is beneficial to your health.
• Up to 10% of skin cancers are found on the eyelids.
• Sunglasses can decrease the risk of Macular Degeneration.
• Cataracts are triggered by harmful UV exposure; wearing protective sun wear can slow down and reduce the risk of Cataracts.
• Photokeratitis is essentially sunburn to your eye caused by over exposure.
It is temporary and usually heals within 48 hours. This can be painful and cause blurred vision. This is especially of concern in fishermen, fisherwomen and skiers.
• Pterygium is an abnormal growth of tissue that progresses slowly from either corner across the white part of your eye and can lead to inflammation and blurred
• People with blue eyes are at a higher risk for UV damage than those with brown eyes.

Polarized sunglasses have their own benefits such as reducing glare and eye strain. They reveal better clearer vision with more vivid colors. Another feature of the lens is the filtration system, which cuts out the glare on the surface of water and snow, allowing you to see through it, which is great for fishing.

BluTech outdoor lens protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays as well as high-energy blue light. Large amounts of blue light is emitted from every cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer and flat screen TV. They are high definition lenses that do not distort color, improve vision and comfort on these devices. This blue light interferes with our normal sleep patterns. Getting rid of this helps everyone in your family sleep better. They also reduce glare. For more information on BluTech computer lenses and outdoor lenses visit the site here!