1. Your Eye Care Office in Lakeville Offers Tips for Buying Glasses

    The chances are pretty good that someday you may have to wear glasses. That's right, three out of four people will require vision correction at some point in their lives. It makes sense. When you factor in the number of people who are born with poor vision and the fact that as we age, we lose our focus flexibility. With 20/20 vision, we can see the stop signs, recognize friends across the street a…Read More

  2. Your Lakeville Optometrist Offers These Handy Tips

    You just got your first pair of contact lenses, good for you. Like a lot of people, you will spend at least a few days admiring at these small wonders of science and technology. Getting contacts is pretty cool to be sure, it can also be a little scary as well. Contact lenses are high-tech medical devices that are literally placed upon your eyes. So it is important that you fully understand how to …Read More

  3. Are You Experiencing these Signs that it Might Be Time For an Eye Exam?

    If you are someone who takes your eye health seriously, it is likely that you schedule your next annual exam every time you finish up with your current one. However, what happens when you begin to experience symptoms that signal to you that something might be wrong or at least that something is changing with your eyes? Should you just wait until your next appointment with the eye doctor or should …Read More

  4. What Is Causing You To Have Tired Eyes?

    If you have recently noticed that your eyes simply aren't working the way they normally do, there are several reasons this may be happening. The first thing you should know is that having tired eyes is incredibly common. The second thing you should know is that the cause of the way your eyes are currently feeling likely comes down to screen time. In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, we are …Read More

  5. Tips For Having Healthy Eyes This Summer

    Once summer arrives, there is plenty to be grateful for. After all, what is better than blue skies, warm weather, and incredibly long days? All of these things give you the opportunity to spend a lot more time outdoors than you have been over the last several months. While most people are extremely concerned about wearing enough sunscreen in the summer many people are so worried about their skin, …Read More

  6. Caring For Your Eyes When You Wear Contacts

    You may not be aware, but one in every ten Americans wears contact lenses. This means that there are almost 40 million people who are wearers, and therefore, 40 million people who need to know how to properly care for their eyes, as well as their lenses. Contacts are a great alternative to glasses for those who want to have perfect vision throughout their day as they are both comfortable, safe, an…Read More

  7. Eye Health Tips for Healthier Eyes in 2018

    Each and every new year, people all over the world sit and reflect, trying to determine what their resolutions will be. For some it is to exercise more, for others, it’s to spend more time with their family rather than at the office. Regardless of what resolution you have set for yourself in 2018, there is one small one that we believe everyone should attempt: taking better care of your eyes! Wh…Read More

  8. The Effects Alcohol Can Have On Your Eyes

    There are plenty of things we do in our day-to-day lives that are not necessarily good for our eyes or our vision as a whole. And while things like choose to not wear sunglasses while outside or skipping our regular eye exam are clearly poor choices when it comes to our eyesight, there are other things that you may not consider that could also be doing damage to your vision. One of these things is…Read More

  9. July is Dry Eye Awareness Month

    There are many things that can cause concern when it comes to your eyes. After all, there is a reason you need to see your eye doctor at least once a year to ensure that your eyesight is in good shape. In order to keep people aware of their eye health, July was made into National Dry Eye Awareness Month. While people everywhere are likely to experience dry eyes from time to time, there are others …Read More

  10. Getting Your Eyes Prepared For Allergy Season

    Spring arrived just a little over a month ago, and while we are extremely excited for the appearance of warm weather and budding blooms, we aren’t nearly as excited about seasonal allergies. It’s very possible that for some, the symptoms of their allergies have already arrived. Your symptoms may have come quickly, showing themselves in the form of runny noses and constant sneezing. For many, h…Read More